Jay Hamblin

Jay Hamblin

Sales Representative

Phone: 705-775-2255
Email: jhamblin@ballrealestate.ca

Jay has had the privilege of growing up in Lakefield. His whole life has been spent being a part of the community in the Peterborough area from playing little league soccer to piano concerts in every church and hall he can remember. Jay and his brother/partner Rees have helped out with local meal programs, weekly youth programs and after school programs. Jay earned his college advanced diploma in Business Administration right here in Peterborough at Sir Sandford Fleming College.

Jay’s expertise have been developed through many years of property management, maintenance and renovations, and through running a lawn care business. These skills are invaluable for both buyers and sellers that are looking to add improvements to a home.

Jay also spent years taking care of people with exceptional needs and developing a relationship with each person he was involved with.

Jay says, “I am committed to taking the time to get to know each person. I meet and provide the best service I can. I want to be the guy you run into and want to stop and talk with. This community has been a part of who I am today and I want to continue being a part of it by getting to know you.”