Realtors are Essential

Well way back in elementary school we were asked what is essential to live and we would have answered water, food and shelter. Yes Shelter. People are always moving. Some reasons for this are: job relocations, education, lease expiring, and properties that have already sold to name a few. It may seem like it is extremely inconvenient to buy or sell Real Estate at this time, but it is still happening and will continue to do so. Right now we just have to ask “How can I buy or sell a house SAFELY during this Covid 19 pandemic?” As a brokerage we needed to adapt quickly. We have risen to this occasion for the betterment of our clients. We can do virtual meetings and visual showings. When necessary we can go into homes with the right precautions to minimize any contact. We have the sellers leave the lights on and all doors open. Agents carry hand sanitizer and wipes gloves and masks. Clients have no need to touch anything. When doing an offer we have an electronic signing program that looks after the signing of contracts, and can be done at home on computers, tablets or cell phones. The real estate market continues to be essential and while we are reducing many parts of the old normal, we are introducing new ways to safely make our way through the process for buyers, sellers and Realtors.